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Accurate Data, Deeper Insights

Market research has changed. The target audience is now active and accessible across multiple modes of offline and online. Physicians and other HCPs are spending increasing amount of time online multiple social media channels and online communities. Patients hitherto less accessible are now spending more time online in social media as well as medical condition specific communities. This has created a challenge on how to understand the digital profile of the audience better.

HappiDoc is using advanced technology – specifically Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build better digital footprints of HCPs. The more we understand, the better we can tailor approaches for marketing and market research.



Comprehensive PMR platform
  • PMR platform for full markstudieset research
  • Touch point cascading : mobile, web, social, apps
  • Disease area based targeting – powered by AI


DIY platform for rapid insights
  • Digital surveys of less than 10 min
  • 24x7 Sample deployment
  • DIY platform with built-in results reporting


Online Community platform for qualitative studies
  • Online FGD/Bulletin Boards
  • Multi-stage research
  • Supports audio-video observational research
Custom Market Research

  • Online web / mobile interviewing
  • Qualitative research recruitment
Advanced Sampling

  • Mobile first qual or quant interviews
  • Micro-qual; Micro-quant surveys
  • Webcam interviews
Custom Communities

  • Medium to long term research engagements
  • Multi mode research programs
  • Co-opted from HappiDoc MROC
Observational Research

  • Interventional and Non-intrusive
  • In Clinic Physician – patient interaction research

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