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HappiDoc is an Artificial Intelligence driven HCP targeting platform to deliver personalized digital marketing to healthcare professionals. We solve “targeting”. We solve “marketing ROI”.

Pharma Marketing teams have traditionally used offline channels to reach out to doctors. With the advent of digital technology, digital marketing is coming to the forefront of the industry's effort to engage physicians. It has also led to making digital reach-out to patients possible.

Pharma digital marketing mainly consists of content, targeting and efficacy. Most digital pharma initiatives do cover ground on the content' and its presentation. What is missing is effective targeting and measuring the ROI on the marketing spend.

HappiDoc delivers smart digital targeting of healthcare professionals. HappiDoc delivers marketing outcomes.

HappiDoc is a Programmatic, Adaptive, Automated Targeting Platform

The two components of HappiDoc are the AI engine and 1M+ HCP audience across US and Canada. HappiDoc continually maps the digital footprint of each HCP and tags them into various audience segments. It runs marketing campaigns in an automated manner driven by marketing algorithms that focus on personalizing content, channel and approach to each HCP.

Hence with HappiDoc marketing platform, you are able to correctly target the audience segments and deploy more budget on channels that produce more effective response.Data Sciences, Automation and Algorithms shall drive your marketing decisions.

What HappiDoc can do for you

Content Marketing

Omni channel automated content delivery
  • You have created content for HCPs. Now you want to deliver the same the right audience. HappiDoc is the platform that delivers the right audience for your campaigns.

Webinar Marketing

Get the right audience to participate
  • You are hosting Webinars for HCPs. Now you want the right audience to participate. HappiDoc is the platform that delivers the right audience for your webinars.


Personalized custom detailing to HCPs
  • You are created E-Detailing digital capsule for HCPs. Now you want as many targeted doctors to engage the capsule. HappiDoc is the platform that engages the right audience for your E-Detailing.
AI driven marketing feedback loop

  • Observe, field, learn, improve, field
  • Automation of campaigns
  • Algorithmic spend management
In-built Marketing ROI

  • Outcomes based pricing
  • ROI for marketing spend
  • DIY and DIFM
Custom Communities

  • Continual Engagement for marketing, research and medical affairs
  • Personalized HCP engagement plan
  • Linkage to Rx behaviour
Omni-channel HCP Engagement

  • Dynamic multi-modal channel activation
  • Response-based adaptation
  • Multiple touchpoints per HCP

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